Rooting for the enemy


I live in Chicago, but don’t care enough about the NFL to consider myself a Bears fan. The Bears win, the Bears lose, and it’s all pretty much the same to me. But I’m certainly in the minority in these parts. Many people are emotionally invested in the Bears, and for the next three hours they will do something that will be exceedingly uncomfortable: root for Green Bay.

Yes, the Packers. The team from that little town up north, that is by far the smallest town in the NFL. Never mind that it’s a Wisconsin team as much as anything else. Illinois generally looks down on its neighbor to the north, and the ill will is returned in kind (like we don’t know what a FIB is). This mutual contempt for each other is the fuel that makes the oldest rivalry in the NFL go. And if Bears fans want to extend their season into next weekend, they have no other choice. It’s a long enough offeason already, so why add another week to it?

Go put on something in the lemon-lime colors that the Packers wear, or practice doing that belt thing that Aaron Rogers does. Embrace it, Bears fans, and just hope that it’s successful in the end. Because you’ll hate yourselves for doing it if the Packers lose.

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