There’s so many things that I wanna say

Today, as I was eating at a Five Guys restaurant in suburban Chicago, I heard some bits of a song by a band called The Outfield. Their biggest hit back in the 80s was “Your Love” and this sometimes gets them labelled as a one-hit wonder. But I like one of the opening lines of the song, and so I borrowed it for the title of this post.

There truly are so many things that I wanna say, on top of all the things that I’ve already said over the past 18 months that I’ve been writing in this space. There are stories I want to tell, comments I want to make, and images I want to describe. The ideas inside my head are always going to outnumber the time that I have for putting them into words but, as Jimi Hendrix once said, if I don’t capture these things, nobody else will. And if it takes a band like the Outfield to help bring my ideas into focus, all the better. I’ll take the inspiration whenever I can find it.

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