Get up, Stand up


One of the topics I’ve never written about in this space–and there are many of them–is the music of Bob Marley. He recorded many, many great songs in his time on the earth, and I’m sure I know only a few of them. But most of the ones I know are on the Legend album, which is as good an intro to reggae as a person could hope to have.

I learned a few things in college, but being exposed to things like Bob Marley’s music is as important as anything else. So when I learned that the entire Legend album is currently available for downloading on Google Play for 99 cents, there was no way I could pass it up.

If you know and love his music, or even if you haven’t ever heard it before, go and check it out. I don’t get paid by anyone for this plug, either. It–like everything else on this blog–comes from my heart and nowhere else.

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