The Dodgers take the plunge


The pool in the Bank One Ballpark in Phoenix has always intrigued me on some level. There’s going to a game, and going to the pool, but the lines between them seem pretty clear to me. But when you live in the desert, I guess a pool is a nice thing to have.

But the downside to having a pool is that people want to use it. And when a group of professional athletes decide they want to take a celebrational plunge in your pool, well, there’s not much you can do to stop them.

But John McCain–the man who thought Sarah Palin was qualified to be president–took umbrage at this. He unleashed a bunch of names at the Dodgers, because an invasion of a ballpark pool is worthy of his time and attention as a senator. America has no other pressing problems for him to address, apparently.

I wouldn’t have written about this incident without John McCain’s involvement. But when he went on the attack, I had to throw my two cents into this. And my two cents is this: Go Dodgers! And John McCain is all wet on this one, just as he usually is.

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