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While the Blackhawks have come back from Boston in triumph, the Cubs are now dropping into last place in Milwaukee. The opposite nature of these two teams–the yin and yang, if you will–was not lost on me as I wrote a piece for ThroughTheFenceBaseball last night.

I don’t care too much about hockey, but it does feel nice to be around a winner. And the Cubs have forced me to wait nearly my entire lifetime for a winner, and all of it in vain so far. There’s a lot more to life than winning, but I can’t imagine that winning isn’t important, either.

I’ll be watching the Blackhawks’ victory parade on Friday, while becoming edgier by the day over the Cubs and their complete failure in this regard. And I hope I’m not the only one to feel this way either. It’s Hooray for the Blackhawks, and WTF for the Cubs.

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